Monday, August 17, 2009

Sing with Mixed Media At The Top Of Your Lungs

I have discovered that I love to teach. I assumed that I would enjoy showing others my techniques and exactly what I do to make my fabric collage pieces, but I didn't know how exciting it would be to turn a creative light on in someone. I am addicted to that. I aspire to inspire. If I can encourage one person who had walked away from art to walk back to it. ("Walk toward the light!") Or if someone who had never dared to be creative in the first place dares to sew two pieces of fabric together and it makes them smile...then I am a happy girl. In a world where we hear so many words of fear and despair everyday, I believe that we need the joy of art more than ever. To create is to make the world different, more exciting and beautiful, than it was a few moments earlier.

I have discovered that I love to teach. The in-person workshops that I am gearing up for big-time are about showing technique, sure...but they are intended to be so much more than that. Like I say on the workshop site...we're gonna

• Sit around the old "campfire" (ok so it's just the backyard of the studio) and exchange ideas and goals with your Studio Retreat posse.

• Let me guide you to open up your creative vision and discover your voice

• Fill you with the possibilities of all that combining art and life can be

• Help you discover or recover the "O'Keeffe" in you.

• Embrace the awesomeness of mistakes and see them for the gift they are.

•Learn to sing with mixed media at the top of your lungs.

I would love for you to join me at my beautiful new studio in Longmont, Colorado (just outside of Boulder.) I promise you all the how-to you can handle, but I also promise to inspire you...and you in turn will inspire me.

The schedule for Fall 2009 and all of 2010 is up at

Grab a friend. Come hang out with me in my studio...because I've discovered that I love to teach.


Rebecca said...

Well I am glad you glad because you might have your hands full with this one :)
I am so looking forward to your classes

Dorthe said...

Yes dear KC, I too think it is fantastic to teach, I have been teaching my dolls for many years, and it is inded a wonderfull feeling when the group after 2 dayes are leaving with big smiles, and thank-you``s, and the finished doll lovingly hold in their arms, that makes me happy too.
Wish I could be in your wonderfull surroundings,taking a class!!!, --but I`m also more than happy to be able, being a part of your online classes, for that I thank you so very much.
Wishing you lots of bussy class dayes in the future to come.
Hugs ~Dorthe

Jane said...

Beautiful. Powerful.

Lisa said...

...and you are a wonderful, inspirational teacher as well! xxo

Utah Grammie said...

You have been a light in my life and I appreciate what I have already learned from you. The next time I visit Colorado (kids in Morrison ) I'd like to meet you and see your studio (if that's OK!?)

When you touch someone's life like you have mine (and so many others) you have given a gift of yourself - and that is truly a gift of the heart - I'm glad to have found you and you're now showing me how I can "find" myself!

happy creating! said...

Hello! Love your blog and your dream to inspire too! I am following you now!
Please pop into my blog and take a look sometime!
Suzie X :)

Chrisy said...

Beautiful work an so lovely to read about your studio and the inspiring work that goes on there...

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful post, KC. you are a fabulous teacher and you are getting me over my fear of sewing. :) i'm still collecting things for my first piece but am LOVING your workshop! someday i wish to take one in person. :)