Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rebecca Crowell is Coming to Colorado

Anyone who knows me...really knows me...knows that while I make my living in mixed media collage...I was brought into the world of art by my love of abstract paintings. At the first art retrospective that I ever attended in my life I stood in front of the abstract paintings of Georgia O'Keeffe. And if you've been following my blog even a little you know what a live-changer that was! From that moment I became so hungry for the abstract. When Kandinsky painted the first abstract I wonder if he knew how he had changed the art world forever. Probably. I love the simple lines of Franz Kline, the rich wildness of DeKooning's work, the rivers of paint that were Helen Frankenthaler's large color fields and Joan Mitchell rock my world., the bright give and take of Hans Hofmann and the wonderful textures of Pollock. Gillian Ayres is a wonder. A moment with Google will bring any of these painters into your world.

My eye knows what it likes and doesn't like in an abstract immediately. And I have to tell you I was immediately transfixed on the elegant textures of Rebecca Crowell's paintings. I have been a fan ever since the first painting that I saw several years ago. Her unique layering of oil paint and cold wax medium and her use of multi-panels to create a complete work of art using smaller works of art is fantastic.

And I am soooo excited to announce that Rebecca will be teaching a 3-day workshop at KC Willis Studio Retreats April 16-18, 2010! This is so cool and will be an amazing class with an amazing painter. In the class Rebecca will reveal the techniques in layering with cold wax medium, tube paint, pigment sticks and powdered pigments...and discover new ways to create textures, lines, and color fields using a wide variety of tools and techniques. Yum.

For all the info needed to reserve your spot in the limited seating at this class, take a look at KC Willis Studio Retreats.

Is it April yet?


Eileen said...

Kandinsky is my fave! I love the way he seemed to have fun with colors, shapes and composition! I'm just going to have to move to Colorado and spend my days on permanent retreat!


Jo Archer said...

Wow, that was a surprise! Such a contrast between abstract art and your very detailed art.
I'm not a great fan of a lot of abstract work, but I do like the work of Rebecca Crowell, from what I've seen here, probably because of the distressed texture. Beautiful.

Maureen L White said...

KC Rebecca's work is awesome and I'm sure she has so much to offer others. Abstracts are one of my loves as well.Color, texture lines and form can produse so much in a work of art. Thanks for this post. I'll keep tuned.

thehauntedstudiounderthestairs said...

I love this painting.

Rebecca Crowell said...

KC, thanks for this wonderful post! I am really looking forward to the workshop.

JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Would love to take Rebecca's workshop. I too love abstract works and have long desired to do some myself.

I've worked with hot wax (encaustics) and oil, but how interesting to try cold wax.

xo joanna