Sunday, November 29, 2009

Somebody Won my Flag!

Thank you all so very much for your sweet comments and wonderful blogs! I appreciate each and every one of you sooo much. A year ago I hadn't yet begun to blog and I wasn't teaching. Wow did those two things change my life big time. I was living a pretty isolated artist's life...just keeping my head down and working. But now I have friends all over the world and the honor of teaching so many days of my life. I hear from hundreds of people every month and I am so blessed to share my life and my art with you. Thank you for helping me spread the word about this really exciting new workshop I am working on, Marketing Mindset. I have learned through teaching these past 6 months or so that I want to share with you what I know...completely. Holding all my "secrets" close to me won't accomplish a thing. I gain nothing. Only in giving it all away do I find that I in return receive so much...from you. Marketing is something I do well and I want to share it all. If what I teach can change the life of one artist, then I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and my cup will runneth fabric stash already does!

So I could not be more thrilled to tell you that the winner of "The Women-The Flag" is an artist and woman I admire very much....Let's hear it for JoAnnA Pierotti!!!! Yea JoAnnA! This wonderful woman is an example of a woman who shares all of herself with everyone she knows. She has been a blessing to me and to all those who come in contact with her. I know she will give the 50 women on my flag a lovely home in the mountains of California. If I could hand-deliver it I would! I am very happy that we drew her name.

Again...thanks to all of you. I wish I could give you all a flag. But since I can't...let me encourage you to fly your own flag. Take the flag of creativity out of your closet this week and run it up the pole, fly it in the breeze, salute it, honor it...and just you wait and see what happens.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Wait Until You See What I Am Giving Away!

In my last blog we talked about the need for a good marketing workshop geared toward artists. You gave me some great input as far as what you would like to see covered. Thanks so much for that. So what I am putting together is an on-line workshop that you can participate in at any time, whenever you want. I will cover every subject imaginable as it pertains to marketing your work to the public. And it will be delivered in such a way that there is info there for the novice, those working and selling some already and those in the full throes of their art career, but who still want to take it up a notch into wholesale or licensing. There will be lots of videos by subject matter so you can pick and choose which ones you want to see based on the subjects that matter to you.

How about...
• Creating a cohesive, signature look
• Working in series
• Consignment vs. wholesale
• Pricing your work
• The differences between approaching a gallery, a shop, an on-line retailer or a catalog
• Using Social Networks
• PR-how to get written about in newspapers and magazines
• Marketing your work without leaving home
• The Pros and Cons of having an Artist's Rep.
• Researching your market
• Licensing your work and your name.
• Blogs vs. Websites
• Selling on-line
• Keeping motivated
• Becoming fearless
• And soooooo much more.

You will get unlimited access to the videos, discussion boards where I will answer your questions (along with other artists at the workshop) and scheduled live chats. And anyone who has participated in my on-line workshops or my in-person classes can tell you that I am as much about inspiration and motivation as I am technique. I will encourage you and change your attitude about all things marketing.

A one-day art marketing workshop can be as much as $300 easily. For the time being access to my class (which will be a lot more than a one day thing) is $144. When the videos go live in December the class will be $244. If you get even one good idea that changes the way you think or do things...this class will pay for itself. It's even tax deductible. Not knowing where to go next has stopped many an artist in their tracks. You will also have the opportunity to work with me one-on-one through private phone consultations at an additional fee. Your own private art coach.

There are already 26 amazing artists at Artists that found out by word of mouth or on my personal e-mail list. I am ready to put it out there. Wanna help? I'll make it worth your while. Here's where the title of this blog comes in.

I am giving away one of these..."The Women-The Flag." 50 women for the 50 stars. Big piece too...32"x50". Pretty darn cool. The first one I ever made of these is in the permanent collection of The Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth, Texas. I will hold the drawing on November 30th. Make for a nice holiday present to yourself wouldn't it? I gave away one of these this past summer. Malisa from Texas looooooves it.

Just help me spread the word about a workshop that will change more than a few artistic lives. I guarantee it. Blog about it and link to Leave a comment here that you have done that with a link back to your blog in the comment and your name is in the drawing.

$144. I know that sometimes you spend that amount on supplies you never even use. :-) THIS you will use. Blog about it and get in on the drawing. Sign up for it and get in on the action.