Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful Wilkenfeld

See this book? I have held it in my hands. It is amazing. A week or so ago it arrived in a box with Australia written all over it. I knew what was in it and I couldn't wait to open it. Every page you turn is more amazing than the one before it. It is rich in history and rich in skill. The thought of learning the techniques that Judy teaches is pretty darn exciting. And to think the workshop that will show us how to make something as magnificent as this...will be held in my gallery in 4 short weeks.

There are 7 wonderful women signed up for this class and room for more. Judy isn't here every day...Judy doesn't live in the US. So if you look at these pictures and you feel your pulse beat a little faster...don't let this class get away from you. Three days with Judy (and I will be lurking about as well) will be an experience of a lifetime. Just ask anyone who has taken a class with the Wonderful Wilkenfeld. :-)
Hope to see you there.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Studio 54

I am 54 today! Don't tell anybody. And keep it quiet that I am actually NOT going into the studio today. :-)

Quite a few folks e-mailed me after the Collage Camp for $48 "thing" had ended. Felt bad about that. So here's the honor of my 54th "Born day" Collage Camp will be only $54 from now until I leave for my workshops in California on Wed., July 14th. It's typically $75.

Tell all your Collage-y friends...or join yourself. I give away all my secrets in this very detailed and fun workshop. Believe don't want to miss my secrets. :-)

I am off to Colorado Springs to spend 2 whole days "junkin'" with my sisters. Heaven.

Blog or inform your art group about this special and let me know you did that with a comment here and you will get in on a drawing for one of my Altered Books.

xxoo Thanks dear ones.

Monday, July 5, 2010


Hey there! Well it took me awhile to get this through my head...but after hearing quite regularly that you only made one piece of art (or sometimes none at all) after taking one of my workshops on-line, in person or on DVD because of the supplies that were needed...well I finally came up with an answer. It took my very own studio assistant, who had taken a class last year, telling me that she had never made another one because of all the supplies needed....that I thought "wait a minute here." So, I have put together specific art kits for Collage Camp students and one for Mixed Media Collage Book students (one of the projects in the Altered Book workshop). I have gathered up small amounts of things you don't have to track down and I have even taken care of the messy and time consuming coffee-staining for you! How about that?

This way you can do a project or 2 and not have to invest in canvas yardage etc. I have offered bits and baubles from my studio along with DVD's in KC in a Box before....but I have never offered the kit you would need to make a piece of collage art or a collage book. All of the details along with a full list of what is in the art kits are at on the Main page or at on the Main Page. I am pretty excited about opening up the possibilites of my signature style to you a wee bit easier.The kits come in color choices and with and without the DVD's versions of the workshops. And I know that for some it is not easy to get the photos ready to print for the transfers. I am offering help with that too. You can e-mail your photo (s) to me and I will transfer them for you (for a small fee), so when when your kit arrives...your photos are enclosed, on coffee-stained canvas...ready to go. Now the fun can begin!

If you've taken the workshops then you know exactly what I am talking about....but if you haven't they are available on-line at or in DVD version in KC in a Box. The possibilities are endless...and I am trying like heck to make it as easy for you as I can to make cool collage art. :-)

Practice Random Acts of Collage-ness....