Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Series Finale

Ok...so there are season finales....and there are series finales. Season finales always leave you hanging, anxious for the the start up of next season. Gasp! What will they do next??? Series finales are always a little more sad, as in "Oh no, I loved that show!" But they are also sort of exciting. You get to see all your favorite characters one last time in a way that hopefully fills in all the blanks and makes you happy that you didn't miss the finale...unless of course you have TIVO in which case you never miss anything.

For the past two years (actually 2 years almost to the day) I have been involved in a series called"KC Spills Her Guts and Teaches all Things Collage." We've had several seasons in this production. The season of on-line classes, the season of workshops in a little Victorian bungalow, the season of workshops in the way-too-big-and-way-too-expensive gallery on Main Street and the season where KC takes her cast of characters (aka women of the west) on the road. What an adventure it has been. If the name wasn't already taken I would call it Survivor.

It has been an amazing 2 years filled with the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. I would not trade either for the world. The highs lifted me up to the mountaintops of new friendships and lives changed  and the lows did the most wondrous of things....drove me to my knees. Both make sure you are never the same again and for that I thank all of you and the God I love. With that lack of sameness comes change....and the series finale.

A week from today I pile my car full of fabrics and fabulous finds and hit the road again. This little tour of Texas will begin the last few months of my teaching art in an in-person workshop setting. For every season turn, turn. I have some great classes scheduled for this year and I am so excited about them all...in a way that you can only be when they are each so precious because the end is in sight.

As much as I would love to DO everything...God is calling me to GIVE everything. I will continue to make my art, adding new themes and dimensions to a gift He entrusted to me 11 years ago,  but you will see some new things replace my time on the road (or here in Colorado) teaching.  So stay tuned for the new series debuting soon. One I like to call KC Swims Upstream. I will be blogging about the details very soon.

So if you have been meaning to take a class with me these past two years, whether on-line, here in Colorado or at a town near you....it's sorta now or never. 2011 is the time. There are so many of you who have been talking with me about attending a workshop and I hope you will.  Workshops on the road in Texas, Northern California (including the Bay Area) Utah, and Collage Conferences here in Colorado are all posted on Studio Retreats. I will be going back to Arizona, teaching in the Phoenix area and in Sedona in November..and Ocala Florida in the fall too. Those will be posted soon.

Two years ago you all were amazing in letting everyone know that I was beginning to teach art....and I would be so grateful if you let your friends and blog followers know that the series finale is at hand...and TIVO won't work on this show. :-)

Love you. Mean it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Look Through the Book

Ok....then. You have been asking if I was ever going to sell the kit to the Three Dimensional Book Box project shown on the Altered Book video...and the answer is yes. For a limited time I am offering the supplies needed to make an art piece using a vintage book like the one shown here.

The kit comes with a heavy duty 17"x17" wide-side "box" made especially for this kit by my handy husband, Logan. This great box is the base for all you will do in this workshop. I have included a selection of new and vintage fabrics and cool, textured papers. The papers and fabrics have been coffeestained for you. The kit also provides a vintage book cover, transfer paper, quote canvas, wooden slats to raise the book, small bits of paper for collages, clumpies and/or drapery scrim to fill in the raised book. Available with or without the Collage Camp and Altered Books DVDs.

Check out this kit and the other fun supply packages on the Main Page of Collage Camp. Info on a very special price for anyone purchasing all the KC Kits can be found just below the info on this kit at Collage Camp

Have fun!