Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blogging in the Sheaves

Join me on a new journey on my new blog The Trinity and The Trailer Park.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sedona On My Mind

I have always loved the Southwest. Georgia O'Keeffe said it best when she said "The sky is different, the wind is different, the stars are different."  Of course the next words out of her mouth were "I better not say anything else, because people might get interested and I don't want them interested." Too late, Georgia! Of course she was talking about her beloved New Mexico, a place I called home for 5 years, but lately the pull inside is to Sedona, Arizona. Now granted, we are happily settled in Colorado right now, but given the chance to visit the red rocks of this rockin' little art town again...I happily said yes.

I was just there in February, but I am planning another trip, handsome husband in tow, in November. Just look at where the town sits in this photo. Houses and trails are right up against these beautiful red rocks. I was so happy and stress free there. I met the most amazing women while I was there and we will be holding both of these workshops in big, wonderful private studios with these kindred spirits.

Is it November yet! If you are in Sedona (or Scottsdale...I'll be teaching there too) or nearby (or know someone who is) please check out the workshop details and join me in this very special place. If you read the previous blog you saw that I am not going to be teaching art after 2011. Given that this class is in could very well be my last one. 

Love you. Mean it.