Monday, August 2, 2010

Heading to Arizona

Arizona in the middle of winter? Dare I say I can't wait! I'll be teaching a one-day class at Mystic Paper in Mesa the day before the Super Bowl, Feb 5th, 2011. This is a one-day class called "Mixed Media at Mystic" where I will give away all my secrets for the vintage collage work that is my signature style. I'll tell you everything I know and leave you with enough inspiration and motivation to last you 'til in snows in Phoenix. :-) This will be an intense day of working hard to complete a piece in a short period of time, but I promise you tons of good techniques and lots of laughs.

I mentioned "Mystic" to my on-line workshop participants at Collage Camp and it is over half full already from that announcement. So dally not! Info on this class and the ones to follow, as I head to San Diego after this class, can be found at

Thanks and have a great week everyone!

Watch my blog for a new look and a new purpose to my life and my work....gonna share it with you soon....right here. xxoo


Minxy said...

Beautiful Artwork as always, can't wait to enjoy some free time and play with my fabric now i have my KC dvd's :)

Bohemian said...

Divine 'coincidences' always leave me in awe. I purchased a book yesterday called "Art Making, Collections & Obsessions"... love it and wasn't even looking for it, just trolling a bookstore and saw it and HAD to have it, saw your work in it and loved it too.

Fast forward... then today I'm Blog Surfing, aimlessly and not knowing where it will take me... not plugging in any particular search engine... went to a wonderful Blog called Red Velvet and loved her Art... and it connected me with... YOUR BLOG... which didn't click at first that you were the SAME Artist I'd loved the work of in my new book... UNTIL... I saw the beautiful Native American piece here *which is in the Book*!!!

Now I've got both Blogs... Judy's and some new favs to visit regularly... because as an Artist... seeing other creative and mind blowing pieces gives fresh inspiration to my own Art and challenges me to try new mediums... these types of Art look absolutely fascinating with layers of beauty and vintage... just my style!!!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Wanda AKA "Craftymule" said...

You are visiting at the right time of year. I am from Arizona and relocated to Arkansas in 2005 to get away from the heat. Have a great time!

While you are in Arizona, try to check out a fabric and notions store called "SAS." I used to buy my fabric, ribbons, trims, buttons and more there. It's a HUGE warehouse stocked with every possible type of fabric you can think of for CHEAP prices. There are 2 locations that I know of - both in Phoenix. One is on Indian School Road around 12th street; the other is off of Dunlap road and Central (or 7th street?) You won't regret shopping there - I promise. :)

Tales from the Deep South said...

I just found you and wanted to leave my mark here on your page~I admire your artwork. It looks like something I can do. lol

Kelly said...

That sounds great, I'm right near Ocala.

Pam Warden Art said...

Just got the note about your WI trip.
We drove past that pretty place almost every time I took John to UW Madison Hospital to see his Lung Transplant specialists. Memories...
Small world, big God!

Joanna Pierotti said...

Hey KC, that's cool about Arizona. I should be living there by then and I think Mesa is only an hour away from where I'll be.

Yaya Chique said...

Hey girlfriend!
Have fun with Judy!!! Sooooo wish I could have made it...but, will see you soon! xo...deb

Birgit said...

Just one word -- beautiful! :)

Happy creating,

PS: I am looking forward to seeing the new look. :)