Monday, July 12, 2010

Wonderful Wilkenfeld

See this book? I have held it in my hands. It is amazing. A week or so ago it arrived in a box with Australia written all over it. I knew what was in it and I couldn't wait to open it. Every page you turn is more amazing than the one before it. It is rich in history and rich in skill. The thought of learning the techniques that Judy teaches is pretty darn exciting. And to think the workshop that will show us how to make something as magnificent as this...will be held in my gallery in 4 short weeks.

There are 7 wonderful women signed up for this class and room for more. Judy isn't here every day...Judy doesn't live in the US. So if you look at these pictures and you feel your pulse beat a little faster...don't let this class get away from you. Three days with Judy (and I will be lurking about as well) will be an experience of a lifetime. Just ask anyone who has taken a class with the Wonderful Wilkenfeld. :-)
Hope to see you there.


Rebecca said...

Hey Sweet one!
So wish I could have taken that class! I was in IN last weekend doing a show and had a great time.
I want to wish you a Happy Happy Birthday a little late... I hope it was a wonderful one.
I have been wanting to call, so much going on with me and I bet you too,
Many Blessings to you, I will talk to you soon I hope.
Lots of Love

MosaicMagpie said...

This would be amazing to take a class on such an interesting book.

Jo Archer said...

Lucky people to be taking a class with Judy. I'd love to see her work up close.I think I have to move to the US, all the best stuff happens there!

Sandra said...

Sounds like a fabulous always!

Rhonda said...

I love this book, I love this artist, I love your work, I love Australia. I only wish I could take this class. Will you be video taping it?

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Wow, this book is fantastic!
I must make one for myself.

I've just become a follower, so I'll be back soon.
Happy creating,

Judy said...

This is going to be a great workshop and I am so excited about attending! AND I get to see your new digs as well as meet you in person! The excitement grows with each day!

Yaya Chique said...

Hey girlfriend!

Wish I could have been there...and was planning on it for sure. But, as you know, the kids have a party planned for Texan hubby's big "50" birthday. BUT...I will see you soon! xo...deb

Give my love and lots of hugs to Judy!

Nana's Fun Stuff said...

That would be a great class and they are gorgeous!! How fun!!