Monday, August 30, 2010

Giveaway Winner!

We have a Winner! My niece Meghan, who is staying with me right now, drew the name for the giveaway mentioned 2 blogs ago. A $200 art shopping spree on! The winner is Miss Sandy! Ok girl...drop me a line and we can work out the particulars. I can be reached on the contact portion of the site. Congratulations! Thanks everyone for all your great comments and blog posts. As a good friend of mine always says...."Love you-mean it."


Anonymous said...

If that's the Miss Sandy I think it is...deserving! Lucky gal!

Miss Sandy said...

Oh my stars!!! I am beyond thrilled, thank you so much! I'll be in touch. I adore your art, this is so awesome!

Terri Gordon said...

Hello, Congratulations to Sandy, I just found your beautiful blog through Sandy's blog. Your work is so beautiful. You are so inspiring. Have a wonderful weekend. Terri