Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Extending $300 Shopping Spree

Hi All...Just a quick note to let you know that I am extending the deadline for the $300 Giveaway to September 12th. I forgot we may not be around Labor Day weekend. Actually...I forgot this was Labor Day weekend. This gives you plenty of time to blog about my workshops, Joanna Pierotti's workshop and in the next few days you will have Sarah Fishburn's workshop AND Lesley Venable's to mention...all at KC Willis Studio Retreats. Talk about any of these in your blog with a link to the Workshops page and leave a comment on any of my blogs and you are in the drawing, my dear. $300 worth of art from Lipstick Ranch. Who wants it?


Lisa said...

who wouldn't want it?!!! great stuff KC!!! Labor day is a week later this year and it's throwing me off like crazy! Kept thinking yesterday was a holiday...

Anonymous said...

Hi K.C.!!Your Gallery sounds FUN!! Love your Art!! I searched for Cow Girl photos months ago for a photo transfer I was doing on a Double D Ranch Black Velvet Dress. Finally used a photo of my Grandma Anna from the 1920's. Anna married my Granfather for his horses. Anna never had any kids of her own. Her kids were her horses and several dogs. Anna lived in Wis. Back in the day there were Cow Girl's all over the U.S. My mother was about 10 when Anna married my mother's dad.

Who would not love to win $300 in Art??

Pam Warden Art said...

I just left you a message of FB. I posted on my blog http://faithfolk.blogspot.com about your Give Away, because I just wrote and posted about Tina Wright on Pam Warden Art. There is also a link.
Glad I finally could get in on the FUN :)

Bee Serendipitous said...

Hi K.c.

Well I have my cowgirl shirt on with a lobstah emboider on the pocket (LOL)..with my fingers & toes crossed & saying to myself "what the heck, let's leave a comment & never know you...if you don't take chance"...thanks a bunch for giving me the chance..

Have a honey of a night! Sweet Dreams!
Grace Peace Joy & many blessings 2 "U"

Nancy said...

What a deal. Best giveaway I have ever seen. You have a great blog. Would love to have your giveaway. We have a cattle ranch and I feel like I'm a cowgirl some days. Can't ride a horse but I can round up on a 4-wheeler. The best part is seeing how much my grandson's love this life. Thanks, Nancy P.

Anonymous said...

Good one and it helps a lot.

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