Thursday, September 17, 2009

Very Venable

Yes, there is another wonderful artist coming to teach at KC Willis Studio Retreats! Lesley Venable will bring her gorgeous and rich "Bound Reliquaries" to my studio February 4-6, 2010. A substantial project-based workshop that will allow you to create a treasure to keep for a lifetime. You will learn techniques that will enhance the work you do and inspire you to new places.

I love how Lesley puts it..."Together we will create an altered book (8.5" x8.5") complete with reliquaries to hold your most precious relics. The pages and alcoves housed within the covers will be enhanced using vintage ephemera, fluid chalks, aged fabrics and fibers, inking, tape transfers, stitching, old photos and more.
In preparation of this class you will find the relics you treasure, those objects you wish to remember in a special way and over three days we will share our visions and stories as we work."

Wow...all that and the beauty of Colorado in the winter and Mr. Lesley's famous hot chocolate in the studio kitchen! February is prime ski season and the slopes of Vail are only an hour and a half away. I say make a vacation out of it.

You know I just can not believe how blessed I am that I have met wonderful artists like Lesley and that they have become my friends. And now to open my studio door to them and the artists who come to learn from them is really a dream come true.

Head to Studio Retreats and claim your spot at Lesley's wonderful workshop. Seating is limited.

See you there.


PeregrineBlue said...

You've picked some great workshops and teachers. Wish I could come.

layers said...

I love her imagery. I will think of all of you sipping hot chocolate and making a book, wishing I could be there.

Heather said...

Wow, these are so stunning!~

Boracay accommodation said...

It's wonderful that you have great friends that are also wonderful artists. I hope the workshop becomes a memorable experience.