Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Been Camping for Four Months Now

Just a quickie before I call it a day...and what a long, fun day it has been. Four months ago I launched my on-line workshop, KC Willis Collage Camp. I thought perhaps a dozen or so brave souls would pack their tents and take a trip with me. Bu there are now 150 Campers (don't worry I have plenty of sleeping bags) and I am constantly amazed at the beautiful work they have made an are continuing to make. For those of you who don't know...Collage Camp is a six-video on-line workshop where I spill my guts...showing you step-by-step the techniques I use to make my fabric collage art.

So to celebrate the party we have been calling Collage Camp, for the next four days (through Sunday, September 13th) the Collage Camp registration fee is $70 instead of $98. Cool deal, I'd say. So there you have it. Collage Camp for a mere pittance. Come play. Make art. Tell a friend. Would love to have you.

And don't forget my $300 Lipstick Ranch Giveaway ends on Sunday too. See previous few posts for details. Blog about this sale. That'll count.

Nighty-night, dear friends.

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