Thursday, September 23, 2010

Piece and Possibilities

Hi All! We have had a busy week getting caught up on ALL our orders for KC Collage Camp Kits, Altered Book Kits and Workshops in a Bag. They are all on their way and it feels great.  A few of you ordered a small piece of my work to go along with your workshop DVD's so you could have a sample to look at. Good idea. So good in fact that we now have a 12x14 original fiber collage piece with a pocket on the back with all of my art workshop DVD's on it. So you get the classes, a sample piece to look at while you make yours...which later becomes a great piece of art for the wall.

So many of my ideas for marketing come from you all telling me what you want. Thanks so much. You inspire me.

Everything from the little Workshops in a Bag to the big-enough-to-be-a-purse, Pouch O' Possibilities and now this....comes from your suggestions and my running wild with them. You asked for my Marketing Mindset workshop to be available on DVD (so you can get it together as far as selling your work goes)...and so they are.

All of these very cool things help me bring my classes and my work to you...when an injured arm insists I not travel this fall. :-(  Thank you all for your prayers and good wishes.

Love you. Mean it.


Robin said...

Oh no, an injured arm! My thoughts and prayers go out to you as I pray for your speedy recovery KC.


Lisa said...

hope you are recovering and feeling better! I'm moving in the direction of art+supplies too.. beautiful packaging is everything...especially when the contents are great too!

sjmcdowell said...

Hi KC,

So sorry to hear about your broken arm...ouch!! I pray that you will heal very quickly.

Love your inspiration and creativity...your pieces should
be in a my humble opinion that is.

Gentle Hugs,


Lovey said...

Praying your speedy recovery! Love you mean it too!!