Monday, September 13, 2010

The Be-Gratitudes

I went looking for a change in attitude...but opted instead for a change of gratitude. Here's my list.

Blessed are those with family....for they shall always have a home.

Blessed are the positive...for they shall pass on hope.

Blessed are the healthy...for they shall have the strength to help the ill.

Blessed is the gift of creativity...for it will always remind us of the ultimate Creator.

Blessed are the animals...for they shall remind us what it is to love without reservation.

Blessed is a sense of humor for we can always laugh at ourselves.

Blessed are those who have a roof over their heads....for they have a roof over their heads.

Blessed are those with compassion...for they will entertain angels unaware.

Blessed are those who are grateful...for they shall never feel the lack.

Blessed are those who embrace joy....for they shall shine.

Chances are I can come up with a few 'bout you? Blessed are they who share this post.


Janet Ghio said...

Hi KC-I like your list! Looks like you are going to have a busy fall traveling around the country!! Just thought I would say hi!!

Anonymous said...

blessed are those who help those who can't ask for help.

Dorthe said...

Dear KC--
Thanks, I love your list of good things to keep in mind--if we all had them close to our hearts, world would be a better place.

I wish you a wonderfull, and "sunny" day sweet lady.

emily said...

these are lovely, thank you for reminding me of all the things I have to be grateful for!

Healing Woman said...

Lovely post! I created a post just yesterday on angels. I love what you said about them as well as your other blessings.

Kathy said...

This stunned me. And made me think. And made me feel extremely blessed.
Blessed are those with friends for they shall never feel lonely.


She Uses Her Words said...

KC, these are wonderful! Thank you for sharing! xo, Karen