Monday, September 27, 2010

Jenny Doh is Coming to Colorado

They were probably wondering what we could talk about so long and so excitedly. What the wait staff at the great little restaurant in Santa Ana, CA didn't realize was that they were lucky we didn't stay there until midnight. :-) KC Willis and Jenny Doh exchanging ideas was one fun lunch! It was an awesome experience to meet someone whose energy matched mine and whose passion for what she does and for all things mixed media is so contagious.

KC and Jenny in Santa Ana

So when the idea of Colorado Collage Conference became a reality a few days ago....Jenny was the first person I called. And when she immediately said yes and we spent some time on the phone talking exchanging ideas I knew this was going to be something special. I knew it was time. It has been in my line of vision, since I began offering workshops last year, to host an event in Colorado that would allow artists to come together for a multi-day event encompassing art workshops, motivational gatherings and marketing seminars....all in one trip to our gorgeous part of the world. You really must check out the great schedule we have worked out for the Collage Conference.
One of the walls in my oh-so-spacious gallery
But I also wanted to keep it small. By limiting the conference to only 25, Jenny and I will be able to spend good "eye contact time"; good sharing and getting-to-know-time with each artist attending. Dinners and lunches will be with a "family of artists" and not a gymnasium of artists. Know what I mean? :-)  Good times. Good times.

The front of my gallery on Main Street Longmont, CO

It is my intention to share everything I know with anyone who wants to listen. I love to teach art, to inspire and motivate with storytelling and to empower by bringing out the strengths inherent in each individual. And with Jenny Doh here to speak, interact at the workshops and be present in a way that she is rarely able to be...this will be one special artistic romp. I have set The Conference up so that you can purchase those days you want to be in session with us, one day at a time or plan to be here all 5 days at a special discounted price.

This is a brand new event so it's going to take some time to get the word out to the mixed-media world. Won't you help share this exciting event? Just hit the Share button here on the sidebar or better yet...mention it in a blog and attach a link to Leave a comment saying you have done that and you could be the winner of a box of goodies put together by Jenny and I....just for you. Sweet!

And I want to thank all of you for all your support since I stepped into Blogland and Teaching-Land in Spring 2009. What a difference you have made to my world.

Love you. Mean it.


Rebecca said...

Hey Girl
What can I do to help?
I am free as a bird now, it has been a whirlwind - just back from the Creative Connection and now I sit. Give me something to do!!!
Besides cleaning up and sorting and loading :)
Love ya

Lee said...

COOLLLLLLLLLLLLL. wah wah wah, that's me crying since I doubt I can come. SIGH. xo

Anna Rosa Designs said...

I wish I lived closer and I could join in. Looks and sounds like sooo much funnnn!

Michelle said...

That is fantastic! Sounds like it will be an amazing experience and I do wish I could come!

An Evolving Artist @ said...

PS. I did the share thing too!

Marrianna said...

Oh, I'm even more excited to be attending in June 2011. I so admire Jenny Doh and look forward to meeting her. I just posted on my blog which also shows up on my Facebook page. I hope it helps get more attendees. I'll keep mentioning it as I get more information from you. I already posted once to FB. Maybe I'll get lucky and win a special prize.

Anonymous said...

Hi! KC
Just got the email about you inviting Jenny Doh to Colorado for a wonderful workshop. Wish I could be there! (Alas, I cannot be, as I am caring for my husband's invalid mother). So, I wish you all a fabulously awesome time, and I know it will be a comaradeship you will always cherish! And good luck to the one who wins the giveaway. (I don't have a blog yet). All things work for good to everyone for whatever reasons. Patience is truly a virtue. I will be there in spirit with all of your ladies.
Teresa in California
The photo of you and Jenny at the Santa Ana restaurant is in my old stomping grounds...I used to live in Fountain Valley and miss it a lot!

Miss Sandy said...


What an amazing opportunity! You and Jenny all wrapped up on one creative package, a dream come true. I'd love to help you get word out by posting on this. I need to see if I can work out the details but I would love to try and come. If its meant to be I'll e there. Best of luck, planning, and success on this new phase of teaching and sharing.

Lovey said...

KC it's wonderful to hear about your next session with Jenny Doh! Do you think you'll reschedule in our area again anytime soon? I would love to meet yah in person too! Many Smiles and have a great time in Colorado with Ms. Doh!