Monday, December 28, 2009

A Giveway Where Everybody Wins!

Here she is...ain't she awesome? A fabric collage on an old book cover. Handmade by moi just for you. On the back I have handwritten the words..."Post an angel at your door. Fear the darkness nevermore." I know...I know...the gift-giving season is over...but the spirit is still upon me. I am giving away one of these angel book collages to EVERYONE who mentions and links just one more time all the cool stuff that is going on at KC Willis' studio. Your blog, Yahoo group, Ning group or Twitter will work. Facebook status updates don't count as they don't stay around long at all...but if you're part of a FB art group and can post it there that will count.

And since you're all so busy this time of year feel free to just cut and paste the following onto your blog...unless of course you have personal comments you want to make about one of the classes that you've taken. But be sure and link to the sites (or just link to my blog and they can go from there). You don't have to link to all the can pick and choose...just one will work. Then drop a comment below or an e-mail to me at with the link to your blog and give me your mailing address. Easiest way to have an angel delivered to your door that I've ever seen!

This has been an amazing year at KC Willis Studio. Wow. 170 students from 8 countries currently enrolled at the on-line workshop where I teach the basics of my techniques and inspire you to new creative heights. You have never seen anything like Collage Camp.

After Collage Camp there's Mixed Media Mania where you take what you learned at Collage Camp and in these workshops I teach Altars and Shrines, Altered Books and Works on Paper. Fun stuff.

And for those of you already making art and wanting to know how you take it to the next level and get yourself a regional or national audience, next week starts the super exciting Marketing Mindset. Check out the Main Page and take advantage of the Intro Price which will only last until January 8th.

And if video workshops aren't your about KC Willis Live! (assuming I've had my coffee.) Come take a multi-day class with me in my very sweet Victorian studio house in Longmont, Colorado. Check it out at

So there you have it. Your friends and followers will thank you. And I will too...I'm sending you a Guardian Angel so you start off the new decade resting in the shade of angel wings.

Happy New Year!


sf said...

Dude! You're blogged (it will FB - I know you said you don't care about that, but it's automatic from my blog...and it'll Tweet too)

Arlene said...

Hey KC I posted your workshop info to my blog. It will also hit my fb page!


Anonymous said...

Those are lovely and I would love to have one...I am blogging it and trying to find the link for the first class online!

Lisa said...

Ive blogged it all KC. Wishing you a Happy New Year! xo


Queen Bee's Musings said...

Love your angels and I have blog you!!
I very much enjoy following your comments and art.
Bonnie from Iowa @

Sherry Goodloe said...

Spreading the word via my blog! Here's where you can find the post:

Have an art-filled day today! *smiles*

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Beautiful angel and you're featured on my blog:
I wish and pray for you health, happiness and success in the year/years to come.
I'll send snail mail address privately and this is SO cool, thank YOU!

Dorthe said...

KC, Hi

I wrote a little story on my blog, and
linked to you, --ofcourse I love your angel,and I will treasure her.
I wish you a wonderfull newyear too, and am saying thanks for all in 2009.
Love and hugs Dorthe

baglady said...

I'm not going to blog about you or link or anything like that but I did want to say that I love your collages and hope to take a class from you someday. I love the western ladies- very cool.

Colleen said...

Okeydokey - here ya go! I do so love your work and am SOOOO excited to actually have a piece..what a great start to my New Year - thank you!!

Ann said...

OMG....just posted a link on my blog. Thank you so very,very,very much!! what an awesome gift!

Lee @ The Way I See It said...

I mentioned you in a post the other day, go see my list. xoxo

Brenda said...

Hi KC,
I posted on my blog.......I wish with all of my heart that I could participate in your workshop on marketing mindset......but the ole Christmas money didn't flow like in previous years so I'll just dream about it!!!
The post is at
Happy 2010!!
Brenda Bliss

paru's_circle said...

All the best to you and yours for 2010..
posted on my blog and sent an email to you

Deana said...

KC Willis: A Giveway Where Everybody Wins! http:// 2009/12/i-have-guardian- angel.html?spref=tw

Shared on twitter

Boot ~C said...

I've posted your blog/class/giveaway info on my blog, I'll send a follow up email your way too, Thnx! Boot~C

Debbie Overton said...

KC, I have posted or should I say gushed about all things KC on my blog, here:

Sorry for the delay, I have been out of town since Dec 16 for the holidays and will return to the art world Jan 11th.

I am so looking forward to Marketing Mindset!


Cindy said...

So generous of you, KC. My blog post will be up momentarily. I'm looking forward to the workshop!

1998 said...

so cool.................................................

Heather said...

Wow, I LOVE the gypsy pretty. And the altered art books are amazing! I may need to take that class. I hope to make 2010 more about creating for 'me.' That's my resolution :)

You're always inspiring!

ShellyRaeWood said...

Wow....what an amazing way to spread some love in the world!! Thank you. I have posted your angel to my blog and on my Yahoo groups as well!! Thanks so much!!

A.J.B.C. said...

Hi KC,
Your works are just beautiful!
I have tried to post a blog about your site on my Art Myspace that I created to spread the word of Art in my hometown and the surrounding areas (hope that counts!)
But every time I try to use the link, to make sure it will direct properly, it gives me an error that the link is no longer accessible. I would make life easy and just post your link to My blogspot, but I know not half as many ppl read it as they do my art mysapce. I will keep trying, but is anyone else having a similar problem?
Thanks so much!

A.J.B.C. said...

I came up with an easier solution.
Here's the link:
Let me know if this works, then I can send you my info if it's alright. This is really too good to be true. Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful pieces with the world!!

Rhonda said...

KC - I found your blog and instantly added a post about it on my blog. Your work is incredible and an inspiration to all who are on this path. I would love to attend one of your workshops one day.

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I just joined your marketing workshop because of seeing Maureen of Urban Pastures' post about you. I think Maureen deserves two angels - one for her front door and one for her back door. :-) I'm looking forward to it.


Becca Holso said...

YOU are the angel! I blogged about you here:

Nishant said...

the altered art books are amazing

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