Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Walking Pine Ridge with Joe Pulliam

Watercolor Workshops and Historical/Cultural tours with Lakota Artist Joe Pulliam on the Pine Ridge Reservation.

Here's your chance to spend 3 days with the award winning Pine Ridge Artist collected around the world. This amazing class will be a combination of art and history as you walk through Joe's signature techniques and the history and love he has for his People. Create a piece of art under the direction of this gifted watercolor artist and hear the stories of his ancestors and how they inspire his work even today. With relatives that include the great Holy Man, Black Elk and the legendary Crazy Horse, you are sure to leave different from when you came. (A 2-day version without the day of art is also available below.)

We will have a day and a half in the studio with Joe and a day and a half out on the Rez with him, as well as a visit to the famous Fort Robinson about an hour from Pine Ridge. The first day of the workshop will be walking with Joe and your camera on the lands where his ancestors have lived and died. You will visit Wounded Knee, as well as less-traveled spots on the reservation with Joe's commentary and perspective helping you to see through the eyes and the hearts of the Lakota people.

Basic watercolor knowledge preferred. Class limited to 4.

September 23-25, 2013 is the next scheduled workshop...but you and a friend or two can also work with us on choosing dates that work specifically for you.

Pay for your space in full and receive a signed Pulliam print!

What Folks are Saying.....
"Our workshop with Joe was simply incredible. This experience surpassed our expectations a hundred times over. Joe’s warmth and kindness made us feel comfortable from the moment we met him and it just got better throughout the week. His willingness to share Lakota history and current tribal challenges was incredibly enlightening. We were full of questions, and Joe’s sincerity, quick wit and wonderful sense of humor allowed us to talk about anything and everything in an open, heartfelt and illuminating manner. Once we were in the studio and began creating our own works of art, Joe’s immeasurable patience and support as an experienced art teacher made each of us feel as though we could create a masterpiece!

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. You will never forget this experience. Bring a friend … I brought two and we shared a cross-cultural, creative experience that none of us will ever forget."

Accommodations on and off the Rez are affordable. Suggestions will be offered at registration. There are two nice motels on Lakota lands and others within a short drive "off-Rez". Rooms or meals are not included in the price.

Transportation to the Pine Ridge Reservation is up to you. Closest major airport is in Rapid City about 90 minutes away. I always drive to the Rez...but then I dig road trips. Deposit/payment of $390 button is below, but if you pay in full (above) you receive a limited edition, signed Joe Pulliam print. You may use a credit card directly (MC, Visa, AMX and Discover) if Paypal is not your choice. E-me at lightshinelakota@yahoo.com and we can connect.

$390 deposit for watercolor class or $390 to pay in full for 2 day historical and cultural tour with Joe. Make note of your preference.

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