Thursday, September 15, 2011

North Texas Collage Conference

Ft. Worth, Texas  December 5-7, 2011
Three days of Mixed Media Heaven with a dose of inspiration thrown in for good measure.

Day One.....
In the first day of our three day Conference on all thing collage we will begin a very special piece I call "The Women-The Flag."  We will take coffee-stained fabrics and layer them together creating our version of the American that honors the women who were so important in making this country great. Teaching this class in Fort Worth is very special to me as the first flag I ever made was purchased by the Cowgirl Museum and unveiled as their commemoration on the first anniversary of Sept. 11th.

Day Two...
On the second day we will complete our flag AND make a 12x18 wall piece, based on my signature style. Using a favorite photo I will teach you everything I do to age and layer for dramatic texture that looks a hundred years old.

Day Three...
This very special project is among the favorites of my students. Using a selection of old drawers and old boxes that I will bring with me (or bring your own if you come across something cool) we will use old fabrics, papers and embellishments to turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. I love making shrines. I will show you my techniques for applying paint that looks like it's been there forever. Below are a few I have made through the years.
Also on Day Three....a short session on "An Artist's Attitude" and great advice on marketing your work.

The Conference will be held at a lovely community center in a private residential complex in the northern part of Ft. Worth. Address given when you register.

This three day very special holiday Conference is only $340. Fee due at time of claiming your space (limited to 12) with $40 materials fees (I bring just about everything you will need) due at the time of each class. Use the Paypal button below or contact me at to pay by check or directly with a credit card. See you in Texas!

North Texas Collage Conference....$340


Bohemian said...

Your fabulous Creations always take my breath away... Magnificent!

Dawn... The Bohemian

Charlene said...

I can't wait to take this class with you KC. Thank you for letting us change from San Angelo as this is so much closer! HUGS!

debbie musick said...

Charlene, will you be at the Ft. Worth Conference. I am coming in for it from Oklahoma City, Can you suggest a hotel that is safe and close. I am not very familiar with Ft. Worth but can find my way around. An suggestions?

I do look forward to meeting you and the other ladies attending. KC tells me they are all awesome.

debbie musick said...

Hi Charlene, It sounds like you are attending the Ft. Worth Conference. I will be driving from Oklahoma City, and would appreciate any suggestions you could offer concerning hotels in the area. I have looked on line but I an unfamiliar with the area, Can you help?

Cindy Craine said...

Hey KC , I am attending the Fort Worth workshop and I was wondering if there were plans for all of us to go to dinner monday night? It sounds like we'll be on the northside so there are plenty of choices.

Just wondering because I just got home from an event where we were left to fend for ourselves for dinner and we were stuck at the hotel due to huge 2-3 hour waits at nearby restaurants.

Since I'm from Fort Worth, Charlene too, we can pile everyone in my car or do a caravan to a restaurant. Just an idea, it's always fun to have a get together after class and spend more time with everyone. Just let me know how I can help you.xoxo-cindy

just me jan said...

Hey there gals...I'm comin' from south of Fort Worth, with Charlene...I think Cindy has a fanfreakintastic idea of everyone attempting to get together...makes for a much better experience for everyone concerned!
just me...lookin' forward to meeting all of y'all...jan