Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Women...The Flag...The Kit

I'm pretty darn excited to teach my flag workshop for the first time as I travel this fall. Problem is there are only 3 towns right now scheduled to have that class and up 'til now I really didn't have an answer for those of you who e-mailed me and wished it was on-line. For the foreseeable future, I will not be recording any new workshops for on-line or DVD. Then I got to thinkin' piece "The Women-The Flag" is probably the only piece I make that more or less has a formula to it's concept and construction, instead of a creative free-for-all. :-) With detailed and easy to read written instructions, which I knew I could do... and photos of the process...this project is a perfect candidate for a kit with a short how-to-booklet. can e-me any time you have a questions. So instead of a video....and instead of traveling to a state you don't live in for a class (which I am not opposed to)'s the kit and the instructions.

The flag is a large piece approx 32"x50"... the size of a flag! The first one of these I ever made is in the permanent collection of the Cowgirl Museum in Ft. Worth. Instead of 50 stars I have 50 images of amazing western women. The kit will come with these 50 women or a version without so you can select and do your own. This version will have the transfer paper to print your own images. I make and sell about 20 of these a year for customers and they retail for $500-$600 dollars. In this kit you will have everything you need to make your flag, including great instructions and a "hotline" to me. it's my personal e-mail address...but still...

The Flag Kit Complete Version includes:

32x50 canvas main-piece

An assortment of new and vintage cream fabrics for collaged stripes on flag

Plenty of coffee-stained red ticking for stripes

Coffeestained blue ticking for behind the images

60 images (so you have a choice) of a western and pioneer women from all walks of life (some known and some unknown). These images are already transferred onto canvas for you.

Coffee stained heavier canvas to use for quotes on your flag if you decide to do that.

Everything you need to make this amazing piece yourself and the step-by-step instructions.  Cost: $155
($120 if you don't want my printed images, but want to do your own). The instructions cover that, as well.

To purchase your kit visit the front page at And to celebrate the launching of The Flag as Kit....all the other kits that I offer will be buy one get one free through August 30th. Sweet deal. Sweet flag. Make it. Hang it. Salute your skill!

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