Monday, March 16, 2009

So Many Cowgirls...So Little Time

For the past eight years I have been fortunate enough to spend nearly everyday of my life in my studio making the work I love so much. I have created and sold thousands of "my girls", putting a love of texture and an admiration for these incredible women in every piece. I love to think of them hanging in different places all over the world, inspiring everyone who spends a minute or two with them. I know they are happily situated in museums, fiber collections, ranches all over the West, lofts in Soho, dorm rooms in Seattle, and cabins in Texas. I am pleased to have them giving strength to abused women in safehouses and teaching life lessons to troubled teens in group homes in Colorado, not to mention the smiles they have brought to women (and men) who just think they are simply down-right funny. I love that Reba McEntire collects my Annie Oakley pieces and I am just as thrilled that a woman named Reba in Arizona hangs them in her mobile home.

I work out of a studio in my home a few miles outside Boulder, Colorado with my new husband, two stepsons and my best friend (my dog), Fiona. Pictures of my yellow and chocolate Labs who are waiting for me at The Rainbow Bridge hang in my studio among the artwork of artists I am lucky enough to call my "buds." You will meet many of them here.

I am really excited about talking to you every few days and I'll be sure to pass on what The Women of The West whisper in my ear. Promise.


GB said...

KC! I am anxiously waiting for your workshop videos. I have the supplies now, just need to get going on a project. More ideas than motivation right now. More looking than doing! Is your studio welcome to the public (a visit)? My 83 year old mother is also inspired by your art and has started a cute project of her own. first time ever to blog! Now I've blogged...a natural blogger! ;-) glenda

KC Willis said...

Hi Glenda-Thanks for stopping by. Getting a video workshop to the ready-to-show stage is a whole lot of work and honestly most likely won't be up and running for several months. Drop me a note at my e-mail and we can talk about setting up a studio visit. See ya soon.

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hey girlfriend!

Great post! Can't wait to see and hear more...and looking forward to all the new treasures for the shop here in Texas! :)


JoAnnA Pierotti said...

Hey KC, you are a wonderful writer. Loved how you put it all down. Welcome to blog land. You will love it and I am so HAPPY you are doing this my friend.

Love the Reba story :)so perfect!!!

love to you,

Susan said...

KC - your wonderful writing style makes reading your blogs so pleasant! I am so happy that those special Women of the West have you to speak for them! I know that they are smiling down at you in appreciation!

Many hugs,

Al said...

It is a joy to read where the inspiration comes from. I know that I am inspired each time I look at your art on our walls. Al

Lelainia N. Lloyd said...

KC you love Labs?!?! Me too! I have a lab pup who just turned 1 on Sunday, the ide of March. His name is Indy (Short for Indiana Jones) and you can peek at him here:

I am ruined for any other breed-everybody loves a Lab. He is the dog by which any and all dogs will forever be measured by. He's my heart and the best companion I could ever hope to have. He's love on 4 legs.