Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rez Dogs...The Sweeps Begin...And That Is Not a Good Thing

Hello my friends.....On Monday the Oglala Sioux Tribe of the Pine Ridge Reservation will begin their bi-annual "sweep" of the Rez Villages. Stray dogs will be gathered up and killed. The recent maulings by
packs and the suffering of the starving and injured strays (of which there are hundreds and hundreds) are prompting this action to take place earlier than usual. The tribe has reached out to us (and a couple of other rescues) and given us the ok to begin rounding up strays or litters of puppies now and ahead of them next week. We will be doing this with the help of some Lakota friends involved in our program. This is an effort on the tribe's part to save some of the dogs...although many will be killed. This is not a post to encourage comments on the killing of dogs on the Rez or anywhere else in America. This is about reaching out to you to help us rescue as many dogs as we can in the next 8 days. Comments "off-point" will not be approved for posting. If you know anyone who could transport dogs, or if you know any shelters or rescues who could take a few or many...please contact me right away at If you would like to help with food and meds for the dogs that are rescued, please Paypal us at the same e-mail address. Message me if you are in the Boulder County area in Colorado and can donate a carrier or food or anything. I will give you my street address. Let's all network like crazy and see if we can get this done. We have been given the ok by the tribe to get the dogs....what we need is help with the care of the dogs and puppies until we can transport to other rescues AND we need help with transport and we need rescues and shelters to take some of them as soon after we rescue them as possible. Please let me know if you have any thoughts or can help in any way with connections you might have etc. This is a picture of a me and some sweet babes that until recently were unclaimed and strays on the reservation. These are the faces of those that will be gone....unless we help them. And Pine Ridge friends....please be aware of this and keep your pets close to home or in the house during the sweep. If you can get your hands on a stray pup and keep it safe....please do so. We are meeting with tribal officials tomorrow and will update you as we get more info. Thank you so much! Please share......KC Willis

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